2010. circa early 1950’s broadcast microphone. harken back to the days when radio was entertainment, not just an elaborate big business channel in which, the more you pay, the more we play, format. seems to work well for the fortunate son of the recording industry and label mongrels. go back to the days of wolfman jack, who played what he felt was important to be heard, or said. back when radio had integrity. tune in today and the format is pure rubbish. i hear the same crap that i heard yesterday and last week and beyond. some freakin’ junk music and babble from useless dj’s. fortunately, there are a few good radio stations left. if your lucky enough to be in the victoria, texas area, tune into the am dial for some great music. it’s not retro. it’s just smart music that makes sense and is timeless. just like good art. corporate radio sucks.


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